Easter egg hunt

Dave and Karen hosted a fabulous Easter brunch Sunday. The food was really good, the weather was gorgeous, and we concluded with an Easter Egg Hunt.
I never participated in an Easter egg hunt as a child, at least not that I can recall. What is the origin of the game? A giant bunny hides chicken eggs...very peculiar. Perhaps my visual dictionary is too colored by pop culture, but when I free associate with large bunnies I think Donnie Darko.
I do feel that Dave and Karen exorcised some latent childhood privation. It may have headed off an ugly incident a few decades down the road, in which a bitter old man, upon spying some children on an Easter egg hunt, suddenly felt a deep urge welling up inside, causing him to rush out and shoulder aside children in an effort to gather as many colored eggs as possible, like Homer Simpson fighting his way to the front of the ice cream truck line.