The Grey Album

I received my copy of The Grey Album today. I ordered it off of eBay. The Grey Album, for the remaining few who haven't heard, is a CD in which the vocals from Jay-Z's Black Album were laid over samples taken entirely from the Beatles' The White Album.
DJ Danger Mouse, the perpetrator, sent out 3000 CDs to friends. The album would likely have spread through word of mouth, but EMI (one of the labels with rights to the Beatles back catalog) had to come out and issue a ceast-and-desist. That was like tossing dry grass on fire.
eBay sellers hawking the CD were also slapped with the legal notices, so now eBay contains dozens of auctions for "cover art" from The Grey Album, all bundled with a free "mystery CD". Gee, I wonder what that mystery CD might be.
It's sounds like a strange idea, but after thirty seconds of listening, The Grey Album sounds completely natural and, in places, quite ingenious. The old and the new. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.