Hockey-style basketball: Grinnell College

The highest scoring men's basketball team in NCAA's Division III is a tiny, private, liberal arts college named after the town where it's located: Grinnell. The school enrolls 1,350, making up a huge part of the town's population of 9,100.
The team's scores this season resemble video game results: 135-128, 143-113, 155-138, 152-76. Remember, this is in only 40 minutes of play as compared to 60 minutes a game in the NBA. Through 22 games, Grinnell has launched 1,432 three-pointers as a team for an average of over 65 per game. Twenty-one different players have played for coach Dave Arseneault this season.
When Arseneault arrived at Grinnell in 1989, the Pioneers were coming off of their 25th straight losing season. Arseneault figured he had nothing to lose by trying something new, so he invented a new system and put it into place. How does it work?

  • The Pioneers try to get off a shot, preferably a 3-pointer, within 12 seconds of gaining possession. The system fits their personnel which consists of a lot of short sharpshooters. If the shooter misses and one of the other 4 players gets an offensive board, they try to kick it back out to the original shooter for another 3-pointer. Any shot from inside the arc is a last resort. In 1998, Pioneer Jeff Clement scored 77 points in a game, including 19 3-pointers.

  • Adopting a hockey tactic, Arseneault maintains different lineups of 5 players and substitutes entire groups in every 50 seconds. Each lineup goes all out during their time on court and then rotate out.

  • Defensively, they run a full-court 1-2-2 press to try and create turnovers.

  • Arseneault has the same five goals for his team each game, though they've grown more ambitious over the years: take 100 shots, shoot 30 times more than their opponents, make 50% of their 3 pointers, get 33% of their misses as offensive boards, and force 32 turnovers.

  • To attain the number of shots they want to take, sometimes they let the other team score easy layups.

  • Another indirect goal of the system is to tire the other team out. Most teams in college really only run 7 or 8 players deep. Using that type of rotation against Grinnell simply wears those 7 or 8 players down because of the pace. Arseneault rarely calls timeouts. In one game, a referee nearly collapsed.

This season, Grinnell is averaging 126.1 pts per game, well on their way to breaking the single season record for avg. pts. per game of 124.9, owned by, yes, Grinnell.
How offensive.