It's freaking cold in NYC

FASB approves rule requiring companies to expense stock options

Makes sense. Won't change affected companies at all, but sometimes perception is reality, so their stock prices may take some temporary hits.

Time's Person of the Year 2004: George W. Bush

A Xmas pop culture icon: the Christmas Story leg lamp, shipped in a crate marked fra-gi-lee

Smart drugs: steroids for brains?

Side effects may include enhanced memory

The O.C. Chrismukkah Yarmuclaus - festive fashion for Jew and Gentile alike

Too bad they're sold out and won't ship until Jan 17, 2005

Video of the Honda ASIMO robot walking and running

It looks like the robot is sprinting towards an outhouse while in danger of pooping its pants

Over the past 25 years, Americans are smoking less but eating more, which may be why everyone is fatter