Holiday sale--everything must go


Le Viaduc de Millau is freaking gorgeous

It's the highest bridge in the world. I wonder if people are allowed to bike across it.

Apple and Motorola to collaborate on a cellphone

That will certainly help me to resist the siren call of the Moto Razr V3, which I really don't need.

Study links sleep with weight loss

Just remember, the next time I'm sleeping in, I'm actually working out, in a way. So good when happy things correlate.

Another posthumous 2Pac album

Okay, this is really getting creepy. Has anyone been as prolific from the grave?

I'm still catching up from the weekend. Last week, TiVo stepped up efforts to crack down on "misuse" of it's brand name. It's probably a futile effort. Customers own a company's brand to a greater extent than most companies realize, and enforcing grammatical use of your brand name is not going to alter their perceptions. The best thing TiVo can do is to focus on what it does control, namely its pricing, feature set, etc. It's quite sad that a company of its stature doesn't recognize that. TiVo still has the best interface of any DVR on the market (I'm stuck with a lousy Time Warner Cable High Def DVR interface that sometimes makes me cry), but I have severe misgivings about the company's future given how many other companies are simply integrating TiVo-like (oops) similar functionality into other products, e.g. set-top boxes. Meanwhile, TiVo seems to be focused on innovation on behalf of advertisers and networks instead of end users, completely the wrong way to innovate when you're a consumer products company.

Yahoo! Video Search

Boy band video

EPIC 2014

All fairly familiar but interesting until the name Googlezon is brought up. That's just ridiculous.

Thomas Bartlett offers up his top 10 albums, singles, and 25 free downloads of 2004.

Did anyone else notice the Evanescence debacle at the Billboard Music awards last week? Eric and Christina caught it on television while I was out searching for poker chips in Whistler village, but it was replayed when I returned to our ski lodge. Amy Lee performed My Immortal live, with an orchestra backing her. To make life easy, she sang in a lower key, and the orchestra played accordingly. At the end, however, when the band joined in, they were playing in the normal key. Cacaphony ensued. Amy Lee couldn't stop shaking her head, struggling to hear the right key, and at song's end, she just looked at her band, shook her head, and said, "Wow." How does something like that happen?