Kerry concedes election to Bush

Kerry concedes, Bush wins with a majority, and Republicans extend their majority in the Senate and House. With Rehnquist ill, Bush will likely appoint the next Supreme Court candidate.
It will be a few days until I can stabilize my emotion center. With the popular vote going Bush's way, I experience again, for the first time in a long time, what it feels to be a minority in my home country. I've read a lot of calls from liberals to keep a cool head, to band together to support the president after this election is over, but what does that mean? Did people expect us to riot and loot? Are we supposed to roll over now and agree with Bush on everything he does?
No way. Bush doesn't get a "get out of jail card free" card. With four more years, we should be able to see, definitively, the outcome of his stewardship of the country.