What is going on?

CNN has reported that some Iowa voting machines have gone down, and many of their polling site staff are exhausted, so they won't be able to issue a final count until tomorrow morning. CNN also reports that Red Sox owner John Henry has been told to prepare his private jet to fly Democratic lawyers to Ohio. There also may be as many as 250K provisional ballots in Ohio that won't be counted for 11 days. 11 days!
I like C-Span's election map (though why does Hawaii show as having 0% of precincts having reported?). Using it, I've created a spreadsheet to help me track the remaining states in play. Why I have no idea. Only Ohio matters now.
Is it too early to think of Obama in 2008? 2012?
It's increasingly clear that I need to go to bed, because no official announcements will come anytime soon. Even if Bush wins, which looks highly likely now, it may be a while before Kerry concedes. I'll give Nevada and New Mexico to Bush, Wisconsin and New Hampshire to Kerry, and leave Ohio and Iowa undetermined (though Ohio looks to be Bush's to lose). That leaves it 259 to 259 by my count.
But someone is conceding this evening, and that's me. I concede that I need to go to bed.