Happy birthday Ryan!

My nephew Ryan turned the big 1 today. He's a child of the modern age, and as such was able to accept my birthday call on his cell phone.

Ryan befuddled on toy cell phone

"Hello, who is this? How'd you get my number? Uncle Eugene? Oh, sorry. I thought you were that baby girl mommy made me share my toys with last week. That crazy girl is always calling me up. Hello? Hello? Sorry, that's me. I have this fabric cell phone and service from Fisher Price, the reception is terrible. Dad won't let me use his anytime minutes."

Ryan smiling, holding toy cell phone

"And the bartender says to Baby Einstein, I was talking to the rubber duck. Hee hee hee hee hee! I love that one. Hey, listen, I've got to run. This teething is driving me nuts, I'm going to go gnaw on the sofa."