Chris Rock

I caught Chris Rock tonight on his swing through Seattle for his Black Ambition tour. He was the man, putting on over an hour and a half of new material, much more than Seinfeld or Dennis Miller did during their last appearances in Seattle. What's great about Rock is his smart commentary on a wide range of issues. He covered, among others, marriage, Dubya, the good and bad about America, the hypocrisy of our democracy, race, education, affirmative action, gay marriage, flag burning, money, rap, censorship, fidelity, and plenty more. And while it perhaps isn't as laugh-out-loud funny as his first stand-up tour, Rock comes off sounding honest yet politically pragmatic, like we wish our politicians sounded. As a comedian, he's not afraid to take an unpopular stance, yet his opinions appeal to conservatives, liberals, whites, blacks, men, and women. This is his best social critique yet.
"Don't get me wrong, America's still the greatest nation in the world, even for black people. But you don't see any black C students running any corporations, making lots of money. But a white C student? A white C student became the president of the country."
I wish I could reprint more of his jokes, but Rock's invective is strewn with f-bombs. If you're fortunate enough to live near one of his Black Ambition stops, do yourself a favor and go listen to him put the world's events in perspective.

Paramount Theatre, Chris Rock in town