Who's Jonathan Frazen?

I got my invoice for my renewal to The New Yorker, and it included a form letter from Peter Webb of their circulation department. An excerpt:
"The New Yorker, the fabled magazine of James Thurber, E.B. White, Robert Benchley...now the magazine of John Updike, Jonathan Frazen, Alice Munro, Ken Auletta..."
Frazen? It's somewhat humorous to see any typos in correspondence from The New Yorker.
The New Yorker, like every other magazine, is like an insecure girlfriend always angling for signs of commitment. From about a year before my sub was due to expire, I've been receiving letters urging me to renew. Don't they know men do poorly with commitment? Sheesh. Cool your jets and save yourself some postage. I'll renew when I'm good and ready.