DVD distributors don't distinguish between inventory they ship to online retailers and those they ship to physical stores. So even DVDs I order online and which are shipped directly to my doorstep come with not only shrinkwrap but stickers that seal all three sides of the keep or snap case. Those stickers are designed to slow down in-store thieves and simply serve to frustrate online customers.
In the early days of Amazon, toy manufacturers shipped us toys in fragile cases intended to showcase the toy in a physical store. These packages were terribly difficult to pick and pack and ship without damaging them. Same with outdoor living tools. Eventually some of them wisened up and shipped us inventory in more warehouse-friendly packaging. Let's hope someday the movie studios will learn, too.
CDs often come with the annoying adhesive bones on them as well, but they're easier to remove. Simply remove the cover of the plastic CD case from the hinge at the unsealed end and peel off the bone with the cover on the other end. Then simply snap the cover back on.