Nate's sending me a Liz Phair bootleg disc that he's titled Phairities. Very cool stuff. Here's the playlist:
1. Go, Speed Racer (demo)
2. Hello Sailor (demo)
3. Divorce Song (demo)
4. Wild Thing (demo)
5. Russian Girl (demo)
6. California (Chasing Amy Soundtrack)
7. Wasted (live)
8. Stuck On an Island (What's Up Matador compilation)
9. Six Dick Pimp (demo)
10. Rocket Boy (demo)
11. I'm a Believer (live)
12. Freak of Nature (demo)
13. Firewalker (live)
14. Emotional Rescue (live)
15. Don't Have Time (Higher Learning soundtrack)
16. Mesmerizing (live)
17. Divorce Song (live)
18. Conversation Overheard Between Two Bouncers (live)
19. Bars of the Bed (demo)
20. See the Light (live)
21. If I Ever Pay You Back (demo)
22. Turning Japanese (EP)
23. Ghost Story (live)
24. F*** and Run (live)
Nate is my bootleg source, having previously provided me with some cool Paul Westeberg live gigs. Meanwhile, Liz's new album is getting top billing in my car CD player now. It's a good summer album.