Some random recollections of Sydney

I signed off prematurely. My flight out of Sydney has been delayed an hour so I'm using up my last few Aussie coins on this Internet terminal here while I expire of boredom.
Some good memories of Sydney:
The strange urinals at the nightclub Home, in Darling Harbour. You basically are taking aim at a giant mirror with water running down it. Trust me, everyone's looking straight ahead in this bathroom.
Point Piper. The most exclusive real estate in Sydney. A home there recently sold for $28 million Australian. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford a second home there.
Rainy day in Sydney when I arrive. A drought of months ends the few days I'm here. I still have vertigo from being on the water for 3 days scuba diving. Apparently it's quite obvious. After two drinks one night, I head to the upstairs level at Home and the bouncer asks me how many drinks I've had. I say two. He looks me over suspiciously and tells me to "take it easy in there, mate." Then, a day later, I'm still dizzy. Now I have to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The liability waiver form says that if you have vertigo you can't climb the bridge for risk of endangering your life and the lives of the other climbers.
I pass the breathalyzer test and decide to risk it. At the top of the climb we're exactly 134 meters above the water. That was the height of the Nevis bungy jump. I smile and look around at Sydney at night. Off in the Domain, Russell Crowe is judging movies at Tropfest and Groove Armada is playing a concert at the Fox Studios. There's always a lot to do in Sydney.

Everybody's a comedian

Another funny memory from New Zealand. I'm standing at the edge of the Kawarau river bungy jump, the original one that started it all, awaiting my first of 3 bungy jumps that day. I tell the bungy operator dude standing next to me, "I haven't been this nervous and excited since I lost my virginity."
He says, "This will last longer, mate."
2.4 seconds.

Shit, one more thing

Damn, I forgot another bitter defeat in NZ. Corinna can swing higher on the swing set at the playground. We had a competition in Queenstown late one night. My swing must have been defective. Laura reminded me of this in Sydney. I'm licking my wounds, much like Dean Barker and Team New Zealand in the America's Cup.