Not so slim but pretty darn shady, back again, back to reality

Nothing welcomes you home better than your own bed. I'm so tired my eyes are crossed and blurry. 13 hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, and I barely slept the whole way. Watched a lot of movies on Qantas' new 747 entertainment system: Sweet Home Alabama, The Ring, Knockaround Guys. Then I had to sit around in Los Angeles for 6 hours waiting for my United flight to Seattle. Fortunately Mark was able to grab me for a quick breakfast out to break things up.
I dropped off all my film tonight so let's hope they turn out okay tomorrow. Carrying some 20 rolls of film back from a long vacation is nervewracking, especially with all the powerful x-rays in use at the airports now. If all goes well, some of you poor souls may be sitting through a slide show soon.
Flying is really unpleasant in this day and age. I went through an obscene number of security checks at Sydney airport, but at least the folks working there had that pleasant Australian demeanor. I get to LAX and all the security personnel were rude and working at a snail's pace, and after rifling through all my check-in luggage they didn't even throw everything back in neatly or tie up all the straps. I reached over to close up the zippers and tighten the straps and some big oaf yelled at me. My sleep-deprived, grumpy self was ready to open a can of whup-ass right there.
I'm glad I only have a few days before heading off to Rio. Otherwise I'd surely sink into a severe state of post-vacation withdrawal. I already feel like I'm coming down off some drug-inspired trip.
On the other hand, I've missed lots of friends and family. As Sam says at the end of The Return of the King, "I'm back."