Under the knife

Up tomorrow morning: surgery to remove the cyst in my sinus. I can't say I'm excited by the idea of having docs cut through the roof of my mouth, but on a positive note, perhaps the cyst will weigh 10 pounds and its removal will transform me into a billy goat of a climber on the bike, and perhaps I'll suddenly be able to breathe so much more efficiently that I'll gain the lung capacity of an elephant.
Josh Beckett got nasty on the Cubs today. Yikes. I had him on my fantasy team this year and have seen him pitch before. Three plus pitches (fastball, curve, changeup), and all were filthy. Let's hope Mr. Prior can send them partying in the streets of Wrigleyville on Tuesday.
Christina and Eric took me to the Seahawks-49ers game today. It reminded me of how obnoxious football fans can be. I didn't have a rooting interest, but I did pity the few 49er fans in our section who had to put up with some boorish Seahawk fans. It amazes me that normal folks can feel justified to act like idiots because of the exploits of some sports team they've arbitrarily chosen for affiliation. No one bothered us, though, and Seattle squeaked out a win on a 49er missed extra point, 20-19.
At halftime, a whole bunch of local area high school cheerleaders put on a show. Like any male, I took a glance through my binoculars and did a double take. These were high school girls? Wow, they had been drinking their milk. Good lord. Then I realized I was looking at the Seahawks cheerleaders by mistake. Oops.
Sadie and I grabbed brunch this morning. She brought her parents along, too. She is a happy, grinning cutey, isn't she? She told me not to cry when I went under the knife and gave me one of her toys to gnaw on.