And Drago throws Rocky!

Watching the Yanks and Red Sox game with Rich, and what a show!
Let's catalog the combatants:

  • Pedro appears to try and plug Karim Garcia with a fastball between the numbers. It's all interpretation, and Pedro is a bit wild today, but his control is decent enough that I'm tempted to think Pedro meant to throw at him.

  • Garcia pulls a loser move and tries to slide through Walker's knees at 2nd. Garcia wants a piece of Pedro, he should just go after him. This leads to the usual screaming from across the diamond, like a playground fight between a couple of toughies who aren't all that tough. I saw you want to brawl, then put up your fists. Give us Kyle Farnsworth pile-driving Paul Wilson through the turf, or Nolan Ryan lassoing Robin Ventura and pounding his head like a pork cutlet. All this shouting and chest-beating is ridiculous. Pedro points at his head as if saying he'll put a baseball in someone's head, but I say do it with your fists if you're going to do it.

  • Manny Ramirez takes offense at a pitch nowhere near his head. Manny is a great, great hitter, no doubt, but he's also someone that no one but a Red Sox fan could like. Terrible left-fielder, occasional loafer and showboater, and now somewhat of a crybaby.

  • Don Zimmer charges Pedro and gets tossed like a sack of potatoes. Pedro will get crucified for palming Zimmer's bald head like a watermelon, but Zimmer shouldn't be charging Martinez, especially at his age.

Of course, all this would be moot if players weren't so sensitive about being thrown at. This didn't happen in the old days. If Garcia just took his base after Pedro's pitch and didn't cry and scream about it, none of this would have happened.
Kerry Wood through a whole bunch of high and tight fastballs to the Marlins last night, and none of them charged the mound. Best revenge on a pitcher that throws inside or hits you is to knock him out of the game the conventional way, with your bat.
But hot damn, it makes for great television. Thankfully, the umps didn't toss anyone out of the game. If a brawl breaks out, you can bet I'll be watching. Can Ben Affleck run out there and participate? Please?
[And for once, I agree with the Fox announcers. If there wasn't the DH in the AL, we'd get to see Pedro batting against Clemens, and vice versa. Alright, who doesn't want to see that, please raise your hands? And another benefit of the fighting is it seems to have woken Pedro and Clemens up. They're throwing harder, pitching sharper. We got ourselves a ballgame! Let's hope the Red Sox can tie this thing up.]