Me an uncle!

Yeah! As of today, I have a nephew. Ryan Samuel Ho. Congrats to Alan and Sharon on their beautiful new baby boy! Can't wait to meet the heir to the throne.
Hmm, I wonder if this means I have to be responsible now. Or maybe I can be the uncle that takes Ryan out for his first drink and his first cigar, and teaches him to drive stick when he isn't of age yet. It's not a glamorous role, but there's a black sheep uncle in every family.
Ben looks like he'll be a father any hour now, also. I try to imagine what it must feel like to be an expectant father on the brink, but I really can't.


Audrey was in Hong Kong over holiday break and got to see Hero. No words in the English language, but perhaps one or two in Mandarin, can express my jealousy. I am tempted to move up my Hong Kong trip so I can catch it in theaters over there.
She was sweet enough to bring me back the Making of Hero VCD, and I'm debating whether I should watch it. The risk of getting spoiled seems too great.

Gravity moves at the speed of light

Interesting--I hadn't realized that gravity moved at the speed of light, but a recent experiment confirms what Einstein had long suspected.
The implication is that gravity between bodies does not work instantaneously. For example, it takes gravitational waves 8.3 minutes to make it from the Sun to the Earth, so if the Sun suddenly disappeared, we'd have an 8.3 minute grace period before Earth shot off into space.
Of course, larger bodies exert stronger gravitational pull because of their mass, and I'm so massive right now I see people swerve towards me as I pass them in the halls.