Talk show hierarchy

The best talk show hosts, in order:
  1. Jon Stewart
  2. Conan O'Brien
  3. David Letterman
  4. Jay Leno
Of course, if Larry Sanders qualified (Bravo is airing two reruns a day, bless its heart), he'd be near the top.

The quest ends

I finally finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings. Imaginative, yes, though not the most well-written story ever. Not one of my favorites, but after having read over a thousand fine print pages you do feel a certain sadness when it ends, the same type of nostalgia you feel at your high school graduation, the same type of accomplishment you feel having finished a long bike ride through the rain.
And then you move on and wait for the The Return of the King to come out. In this case, I prefer the movies to the books.

Locker 114

Last night, I finally had a dream that I wasn't sure I'd ever have. It's the opposite of the dream in which you're rushing to a class you haven't studied for all quarter, the one in which you don't even know your locker # or, even if you could find your locker, what the combination is.
I'm at a school. The hallways are empty. All the other students are already in class, but that's okay. I'm not late for a class--I'm on a different schedule (could the other students be my coworkers, who aren't on leaves of absence?). I've got a black sports bag slung over my shoulder, and it's filled with books. Everything is quiet.
I go to a locker I think is mine, and then I remember that it's not mine. No, my locker has changed. My locker number is 114. When I realize this, I'm filled with happiness and start sprinting down the hall, watching the numbers count down from the 140's to the 130's to the 120's all the way down to 114. It's the last locker before the row of lockers ends and stands next to a classroom door.
What's more, I know the combination the padlock. Instead of just numbers, this padlock has a series of words and numbers and symbols on it. The combination is a short and cryptic phrase, and when I dial it on the padlock the entire lock not only opens but cracks in half. I open the locker door and push my bag inside. There is a small upper shelf which holds some notebooks and file folders filled with papers, and I begin rifling through those to pull the materials relevant to my next class which I think is a history class. I'm not entirely sure what we're studying today but I don't feel the desperation I feel when I know a final exam awaits. I'll be ready.

And then I woke up. 114 has to stand for January 14th, which is both Hanh and Lynna's birthday, a date which just passed. Subconsciously, I must have realized I missed their birthdays.
This is a real breakthrough.