Peace out

Not officially my last day at work today, but next Monday and Tuesday are just wrap up. Most e-mails I received at the office today were ones I could just delete without reading. It was a fairly uneventful day, really. Just like any other.
They do a couple things well to encourage you to return to work. They leave your office up, let you keep your e-mail address and phone number. It's very smart, actually, because the act of packing things up gives the whole event a finality, creating a psychological barrier.
I feel like I'm letting out for summer break.

The man formerly known as Rich

Went to a drink night at Brasa to toast Rich and Christina on their engagement. As more and more of the boys get engaged or become fathers, I realize the meaning and importance of the term "boys night out." You really have to grab those moments when you get them. Maybe it's because I'm following along the whole way there, but I really have no idea when they flip. They still seem the same, but suddenly there's this whole other side to their personality, the sensitive side they keep hidden away while in the company of men.
Those rings must be like the ring in Lord of the Rings. Everyone claims to want to go toss it into the cracks of Mt. Doom to destroy it, but then it seizes hold of their minds and drives them crazy so they put it on and get married.
Please, please, people. I'm just joking. On the positive side, I look forward to several kickin' bachelor parties this year.

Cast Away

Went out with Scott and the boys to dinner last night. He was back from his cross-country bike ride and had a beard that he'd grown during the trip. He looked like this.


Peja Drobnjak of the Seattle Supersonics has his own web page. The NBA must be getting desperate. Who will they market next?

Top 10 lists

Everyone's publishing their top 10 movie lists. I would, too, except I still haven't seen a lot of movies that qualify as 2002 releases. Harry Knowles' list ranks Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance at the top. Interesting. I passed on seeing it at the Seattle International Film Festival. Too bad. Film fests are all a crapshoot. I wish they'd let you watch trailers for all the movies before you fill out your film festival ticket requests.
Ebert's top 10 list puts Minority Report at the top. Good movie, but best of the year? Ebert's getting soft.
A.O. Scott, Stephen Holden, Elvis Mitchell, and Dave Kehr of the NYTimes all published their lists a short while ago. The only movie in common among all four of them? Talk to Her.
Has anyone seen it yet? I've spoken to lots of women who didn't enjoy it, which is really surprising for a Pedro movie.

Hi-def miniDV camcorder

Supposedly, JVC is coming out with a hi-def mini DVD camcorder! No model # listed, though. I'm itching to get myself a Panasonic DVX1000, but if the rumors are true, and if the camera shot in true 16 x 9, then I'd be tempted to wait.