Wow, Sampras and Agassi in the U.S. Open final once again! What could be more American. Should be awesome. Glad to see them put the spanking on the two young punks, Roddick and Hewitt.
I enjoy watching Sampras' game a bit more (longer, more classic strokes than Agassi) and will probably root for him because it looks like Agassi's got more years left in him. Sampras had an easier semifinal, so he should be fresher, and he's playing as well as he's played in over a year. When they're both on their games, as they were in the semis, it's always a great show. The best groundstrokes and return game in tennis versus the most effective serve and volleyer in the game
Hewitt is like Michael Chang on steroids--taller, hits harder, runs just a bit faster.
John Mcenroe and Mary Carillo are great color commentators. Too bad CBS has Dick Enberg. CBS throws him on every sport, from golf to tennis to football, and he knows little about any of them, except for what he's read or heard from others. He's like the Ted Danson of sports commentary. Somewhere in his past he did something good and unfortunately they keep getting chances for more work because of it. Danson had Cheers--who knows what Enberg's great accomplishment was. Throw Cliff Drysdale in to do play-by-play instead with Mac and Carillo and you'd have the dream team of tennis commentary.