Had the team over to watch Unzipped today. Great little documentary about a few months in the life of Isaac Mizrahi. We watched it on my old laserdisc version, and given that my laserdisc player is getting a bit creaky, I decided to check online to see if the movie was on DVD. I had checked a few months back and had only found a VHS copy. On Buena Vista's website they list an ISBN and UPC for a region 1 DVD for Unzipped, so I went to Amazon to check again.
In the DVD store, I punched in the string Unzipped, and up popped...this.
Then I spent another half hour trying to track down the name of the song played at the start of the movie and at the beginning of the fashion show at the end of the movie. You'd think with the Internet it would be a cinch. Not so. The soundtrack isn't listed for sale anywhere. I guess there wasn't one. The one song that's listed as being a single from the film, Happy Sad by Pizzicato Five, isn't the song I was looking for. IMDb didn't have a soundtrack listing. Google didn't turn up anything.
So I actually had to stick the laserdisc back in the player, fast foward to the end credits, then pause when the song listings came up. I think I've found the song, but now I have to figure out who recorded it. The song is You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) but I can't tell if the version in the movie is the one by Sandra Bernhard (listed under singles on this discography) or this version by Byron Stingily available from Amazon.com. I've never heard anything by Byron Stingily, but I'm guessing it has to be that one since the product description describes him as having a "falsetto." No one would mistake Sandra Bernhard for having a falsetto, but then again, she's listed as the performer in the movie credits.
And Limewire doesn't list either version for download. Man, what's a brother supposed to do?