Note to self: sun is good

Jason's back from his trip to New Zealand...but now he's off to his sister's wedding. Supposedly Jason and Jamie jumped off a bridge (that's the non-suicidal bungee variety of bridge jumping, though some would say there's no difference). Jason doing that I can believe. Jamie? Hmmm. I'm going to await the pictures.
Did my first early morning bike ride of the year on Wed. morning before work. Tried, in a short time, to pack in a serious workout, so I did intervals. Brutal. Five 30 second sprints going all out and then a hard sprint up the hills above I-90 and I felt like puking. But the sun has poked its head out this week and it's made all the difference. Just the smell of sun-warmed air and earth is enough to cheer me up. I had been wondering how young is too young to have a mid-life crisis, but perhaps I was jumping the gun.
A movie convention: when a character in a movie spots some awe-inspiring sight on the horizon, but you can't see what they're looking at because the camera only show their awe-struck facial expression, if the character is wearing a hat, he or she will inevitably reach up with one hand and slowly remove the hat and bring it to his waist. Do people really do that? I guess I'll never know until one day I see someone witness a giant UFO approaching from the heavens.
The people I get along with best strike that fine balance between self-absorption and selflessness. People who crave attention and require constant affirmation to satisfy the depths of their insecurities lose my patience. People who are completely selfless are also frightening. It's a major accomplishment to confront your place in life and deal with it honestly and alone, on your own terms.
I'll say this about Macs--they make computing fun. I look for excuses to do things on my Mac instead of my Windows PC. Even if it's the same exact thing.
Movie to see this weekend: Y Tu Mama Tambien, despite the fact that it's playing at The Egyptian, which has terrible acoustics (Y Tu Mama is a foreign film, though, so perhaps the acoustic swamp that is this theater will not matter as much; by the way, "Y Tu Mama" is a great little phrase isn't it? Next time someone cuts me off on the highway, I'm going to shout "Y Tu Mama!").
Must choose once again from limited pool of single friends who will spend part of their weekend watching unknown subtitled film. You'd think that would be a big pool of people in Seattle, but you'd be wrong. You'd think that friends who are dating or have spouses don't get out much, and you'd be right. Am considering a wholesale age shift down in my social network. Older friends are moving on to another phase of life--marriage, kids, gardening, Blockbuster rental on a Friday night.
Gotta send some traffic to Idiot Savant, Allen's weblog. Looked at my traffic logs, and outside of Google and other search engines, his was the top referral site to mine the last few weeks.
Big fan of women who wear Seven jeans. Met one last week. We're getting married next week.
Actually, speaking of weddings, the sis is getting hitched soon. Whoooooooaaaaaa.
Toni sent me a DVD of all the BMWFilms, with extended director's cuts. What a dear. Watched WKW's film over and over again, and, inspired, tapped out a quick screenplay for a short 6 to 8 minute BMWFilm of my own. Am doing the casting in my head among people I know in Seattle. Good actors are hard to find. People who cringe when I take pictures of them? All disqualified. Question: how to shoot driving scenes without getting arrested? Hmmph. A problem.
Lots of allegations of racism in the criticisms of the criticisms of Halle Berry's emotional Oscar speech. I admit, I'm one of those folks who cringed at her speech. But, in my defense, I cringed at Julie Roberts' speech last year, and at Gwyneth Paltrow's tearful speech the year before. Probably reveals some innate discomfort with hysterical women on my part. No encounters with hysterical men come to mind, but I probably am not crazy about those, either.