Goals for 2002

Look up, and it's already April. This year has been flying by. Where has the time gone? It doesn't feel like I've done anything yet this year, yet I've been working like crazy.
Time for a time out. Need to set some priorities for the year before it disappears on me. These have been brewing in draft form in my brain for some time.
My goals for 2002:
1) Get my finances in order--complete my personal financial plan, and get it fully implemented.
2) Finish a screenplay, gather the resources, and make a damn movie. Post it on the Internet. Distribute it on DVD.
3) Finish my novel.
4) Do one big athletic event--NYC Marathon or Death Ride or the some of the mountain stages of the Tour de France are the leading contenders. I want to really add some horsepower to my cycling this year, while at the same time cutting down the lbs I have to lug around. So it's not really a weight I want to hit. More like an average speed of 20mph on the bike and less than 10% body fat?
5) Achieve happy work/life balance--easier said than done, I say, as I take a break from work in the middle of the night to jot in my blog. In this economy, you can't complain about being busy, and people do all sorts of irresponsible things in the name of "having a life," but I'm going to try. After this weekend.
Yes, shudder to think of this, it could involve getting out and dating more. But no, you won't read about that in my blog. As public as I am with most my thoughts, I'm intensely private about others. Gossip and people who are constantly seeking out gossip so that they can be the first to tell others "Hey, did you hear about..." really annoy the heck out of me. Those people need to get a life.
So do I.
6) Become a good people manager--this means being fair and effective, not necessarily nice. Hard stuff to learn, but it's a priority. It's like being a parent--tough love. My role model? Jed Bartlet, Martin Sheen's president from The West Wing.
7) Travel to one of the following continents--South America, Australia (New Zealand), or Antarctica. Antarctica is last on that list, if you have to know. Other places that tempt me: Greece, Prague, Turkey.
8) Learn to play chess semi-decently. I haven't played chess since I was probably 8. I'd like to try to figure out what it's all about. Seems like a fun blend of psychology, logic, math, and strategy. It's either that or start up a Texas Hold'Em Poker game with the boys. Chess isn't quite as sexy, but then again, maybe it is.
Hmm, I think that's a good list. Any longer and it would be gratuitous. There you go--all of you are silent witnesses and can hold me to this list at the end of the year.