Gap ads

Those Gap ads I mentioned are available in Quicktime format from the Gap website.
My favorite is the Coen brothers ad for white shirts, with Dennis Hopper and Christina Ricci. Mostly because I like the way the camera zooms slowly away, at a pace that mirrors the music. (On a sidenote--caught some of the rerun of last week's episode of 24 last night, and Dennis Hopper's supposed Eastern European accent, I think it's supposed to be Bosnian, is laughably bad).
This trend of using big-name movie directors to direct commercials that are streamed on the web...I like it. The BMWFilms were great, and let's face it, commercial films are rarely all that different from filmed commercials (Scorpion King, anyone? Disney toy Happy Meals?). Good directors can sell a story visually. Why not a product? Streaming on the web is cheaper than showing these on television and reaches an attractive upscale demographic.
Books should be marketed as well as movies are.