Adam and Jenny

Last last Sunday, Adam and Jenny got married. I've been meaning to wait until my photos from that day were developed to jot down some thoughts, but I threw in a roll of 36 and ended up dancing too much to finish it off. I promised Jenny I'd record an entry for her before she returned from the honeymoon in Italy, and what's more personal a gift than the written word, besides the random kitchen housewares one usually purchases off a wedding registry? When I get married, I'll throw a few items on my wedding registry, but they'll be more likely to produce binary digital or audio data than they will a loaf of bread.
I learned during the wedding ceremony that Jenny and Adam first met at my Star Wars marathon movie night leading up to the release of Episode I. This was exciting news, and I thought about standing up to acknowledge my huge role in this union, but I don't think that is part of the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. I was also around
the night of their first kiss (well, I actually wasn't there when it happened, but work with me, people, as I grossly exagerrate my role in their courtship).
Jenny: I recognized your photographer from somewhere. Who was he again? Why do I know him?
Adam's brother looks a lot like Adam. I point this out only because everyone always says I look nothing like my sisters (that is, they're much better looking than I am).
Of course, Jenny and Adam were hoisted on chairs and carried around the dance floor. That's a fun tradition. I later sat in one of the chairs and looked about expectantly but apparently that's a privelege reserved for the bride and groom. In accordance with their first meeting, it would have been nice if I could have levitated Jenny and Adam in those chairs using the Force, as Luke did for C3P0 in Return of the Jedi to spook the ewoks.
Lots of fun dancing. I need to stop wearing ties to functions where dancing is involved and where any woman named Kristin is present. Inevitably I'm dragged around by my tie like a small dog on the dance floor. Maybe it's my hair, or my soulful puppy eyes? I have a few ties in my wardrobe that are about a foot longer than all my others.
Adam and Jenny are really happy when they're around each other. That, in essence, is all you need to know about why they'll have a long and happy marriage together. Adam will provide his trademark witty humor, and Jenny will help to provide clarity in decision-making and honest, open communications. I know because I've been the lucky recipient many times in the past.
Oh yeah, Jenny was the one that helped me recall the word "ditto", which I wrote about in my weblog previously. That was driving me nuts.
Adam has the all-time lowest score on the body fat tester I have lying around. Everyone was over watching a movie one night and once someone asks what that thing does, inevitably everyone has to go through the nervous moment of truth. Most people generally run to the far corner of the room and refuse to let anyone see their score until
they've seen it first. I think Adam scored 7% or 8%. I state this so that when I finally do post some photos from the wedding everyone will look at Adam closely to see what 8% body fat looks like.
Coolest thing? The groom's cake was made of Krispy Kreme donuts and had a small Pedro Martinez figure on top--now that's thoughtful. Who doesn't believe in evolution? Darwinian forces have shaped even fat itself into this most enticing of forms, the original glazed Krispy Kreme donut. Now how, Adam, do you get away with loving Krispy Kreme donuts and maintaining single digit body fat? And get into Harvard Business School?
A very smart couple. A couple of sharp cookies.
The other great thing about Adam and Jenny is that they're two of my faithful weblog readers (I may be embarrassing Adam to say that, but since he has his own weblog now I will both out him and send traffic his way, and hers too).
What's the right phrase? Happy wedding? Merry wedding? Or maybe just congratulations?
Yeah. Congratulations.