New Two Towers trailer

Already, a present under the Christmas tree. The new trailer depicts all the epic adventure described in the books, brought to life with motion, sound, and imagery only the way movies can do it, and less the terrible poetry of J. R. R. Tolkien.

MIT OpenCourseWare

How cool! MIT OpenCourseWare promises to publish almost all of MIT's course materials online for students around the world. Their beta site is up featuring a few courses from each of their schools. I few like a student browsing the course catalog at the beginning of a quarter again.
So, fellow students...which classes are you taking this quarter? I'm thinking of a refresher in linguistics through Introduction to Linguistics, Logistical and Transportation Planning Methods (traffic interests me), Problems of Philosophy (I've never taken any philosophy), and Electricity and Magnetism (physics is fun). I feel like a freshman, taking all these intro courses.
Hopefully other universities will follow MIT's lead, and I can't wait to see them expand their course offerings over the next several years. What's interesting about MIT's approach is that, one, it's free, and two, they haven't built in any interactivity to their site yet. It's just a list of the syllabus, class notes, required reading, homework assignments, and exams. What you miss is the class lectures, interaction with a professor and fellow students, and drunken frat parties. But for those of us who're past our school days, it sure beats paying a massive tuition and having to drive to class.
Now the only problem is that I don't have any of the books or required reading material, so I may have to stick with the lecture notes. Maybe I still have some of these texts on my bookshelf from my school days, or maybe I'll have to pick them up used on Marketplace. Okay, did anyone finish their assignment on the Ontological argument yet? Can I get some help here?