Happy birthday Joannie

The sister who's behind me in age but ahead in most of the significant life milestones: marriage, home ownership, salary (when she starts at the law firm), marathon training (she's running Chicago in a week and a half)...
Luckily I'm not competitive with family members, otherwise I'd be chasing a wife, talking to realtors, seeking a raise, and running all the time.
Wish I could be there to run part of the marathon with you, Joannie, but I'm sure I couldn't keep up.

Fast motion

Life is borderline manic right now. No empty moments, just running around in a constant frenzy. It is at these times I wish I had an assistant who'd pick up all the loose ends, because we think we can multi-task but our minds aren't wired that way. I have a single processor brain. Don't I wish I could upgrade to a symmetrical multi-processing brain.
The only promising thing in all this madness was that sometime last week I had a dream in which I was back in school and found my locker and knew the combination to the lock. So perhaps subconsciously I think it's all under control, even though on the surface I'm all in a panic.
Note to self: get on Dr. Melfi's schedule ASAP.