On a happier note

The photo lab finally found my negatives. Phew. Posted a few early shots from Kristin's wedding.
Ran after work today, and my left shin was throbbing. I realized that I hate running. It's painful, unpleasant work. I like the idea of running, the fitness it provides, the physical effort it requires--but running itself gives me little pleasure. I am a lousy runner, to boot. The good thing is it helps me to sleep better. Yesterday I was out cold.
Watched Keeping the Faith on cable. I've got to admit, I'm a sucker for romance films set in New York. It's why I will definitely go see Serendipity. I must try it someday, the whole falling in love in New York City thing. Anyway, Keeping the Faith did not offer any insights into religion, but it handled the two guys in love with the same girl love triangle very well. Me? Yes, I'm the Ed Norton character. Sucker.