Despite lots of flight schedule manipulation and waiting, I never made it out Friday to Rob's wedding. I kept swinging emotionally, from wanting to go no matter what just to prove a point, I'm not sure what, to wanting to stay home and seeth. I feel for Rob, who planned the wedding so far in advance and now won't be able to share it with so many of his friends and family.
I feel quite helpless. I want to be on the front lines, chasing down these killers. Bill and I were out at sushi tonight, and we both decided to check out the CIA to see if we could secure employment as top analysts. Wouldn't be much fun to be some entry-level grunt, but would be great to recruit some top-notch programmers and engineers and develop ways to infiltrate these terrorist organizations and expose their plans.
Religious fanaticism scares me.
Being stuck here in Seattle was not ideal, as the events of this week have left me with a craving for the company of friends, lots of them. Thankfully a few people were available for my last-minute plans. Went running with Dave, Jeff, Anthony, and new Seattle-ites Mandy and Clay this morning. It made me realize how much I dislike running, how painful it is, and how out of shape I am. Then Le Bean and I checked out a photography exhibit at the Frye Art Museum.