PE anything but E

I try to look back on my youth without succumbing to the "haze of nostalgia," as it's often called. I think back now on PE class in grade school through high school. And I realize I didn't get very much E out of it at all. It was an exercise in allowing out of shape, smaller kids to be humiliated and beat up.
There was a day when I couldn't do a pullup. I also was a lousy runner. I couldn't shoot a basketball. But none of my gym teachers taught me a damn thing. They'd set us up to play against each other, and it was a great opportunity for the physically gifted kids to dominate, and for folks like me to suffer the indignation of being picked last for most teams. I've learned a lot more late in life about these sports than I did in school. Thankfully, I'm somewhat coordinated now and can participate passably in most sports. However, I'm not sure I could ever think of myself as an athlete.