So they found out Danny Almonte, the "Little Unit," was actually 14 instead of 12. I have little to add to the ethical discussion, but I can say this having played Little League. At that point in life, a 2 year age difference is massive. Little League is organized so that every two years, you move up one league, and each level is named after a type of horse. The leagues progress as follows:
5 - 6 T-Ball PeeWee
7 - 8 Pinto Division I A
9 - 10 Mustang Division I
11 - 12 Bronco Division II
13 - 14 Pony Division III
15 - 17 Colt League.
I played T-ball to Pony, and I can attest that the 2nd year players in each league were always far superior to the 1st year players. At that age, physical skills mature quickly, and I always had banner years my 2nd year in each league, while struggling in my first year at the next level.
That doesn't explain away all his accomplishments, because he still has filthy stuff for even a fourteen year old, but if he was the same age as all the other kids, he would not have thrown all those perfect games, I'm fairly certain of that.