Hot stuff

Traffic to my site ticked up in a big way last week. I'm not sure why. It got me to thinking. Most people probably hear more about me via the weblog than over the phone or in person. Not surprising, considering how many of them live far away or how little time I've been spending with folks here in Seattle. Very odd, this weblog thing. You can't really be totally honest--don't know who's reading, and I'm not really an exhibitionist like Madonna. It's like the neighborhood newsletter. Try and be positive, but if you're going to rant, beat up on no one you know.
You voyeurs!
It's okay, keep reading. Half the time I write in it because it's faster and easier than jotting down notes to myself on paper.
One of the most user-unfriendly reports of all time is the credit card bill. I got mine and noticed some random $4 to $8 charges from random places like "Brouhaha Venice Beach CA." What the heck is that? A restaurant? A newspaper stand in an airport? Some random porno site I stumbled across by mistake ("I swear, I though was an online chili sauce e-tailer!")? In English please! Something like Brouhaha--Italian restaurant on Venice Beach? And then you call the credit card company and they put the burden of proof on you to challenge the charge or they stick it back on your card.