T-minus 6

I saw this story in the AP newswire and couldn't help thinking that there's some wonderful story behind this, and we may never hear it. Who knows, it could be something like The Score.
"Warhol's portrait of Lenin stolen
BERLIN (AP) - A portrait by Andy Warhol of Vladimir Lenin has been stolen from a warehouse in the German city of Cologne. The blue portrait - one of series of Lenin portraits by the Pop Art pioneer dating from 1987 - was packed and ready for shipment at the warehouse, owned by an art transportation firm. Employees noticed last Friday that it was missing, police said Tuesday. It was unclear how the theft occurred. The work was valued at $652,000. It had been sold to a private collector by a gallery owner in Munich, Germany."
Such a small world. Phil, my old consulting bud, is now back in consulting in Chicago and happens to be in the same office as stepbrother James.
The Sopranos will now have a fifth season, as HBO showed David Chase the big bucks. Unfortunately, season four won't be here until June or possibly September of 2002. Sigh. It will be a long winter.
After the Indian Hills Cinerama theater in Omaha Nebraska is demolished, The Cinerama here in Seattle will be one of two remaining theaters in the U.S. capable of showing Cinerama format films. Too bad there aren't too many of those floating around anymore. I count myself lucky to have seen Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm there, but recently I've run into several audio problems there. Very surprising.
Last night we took Bill out for his birthday. Gathered a crew at Baccano's for a dinner. I didn't coordinate the surprise too well, as Bill showed up first and caught a bunch of folks trickling in. A good time was had by all, though the service was ridiculously slow. A true European dining experience.
Found out Jason's wife Jamie quite Drugstore and is hanging out now, taking tennis lessons, watching Oprah... I've gotta admit, it sounds pretty nice.
I'm getting a haircut today, flipping through Vanity Fair, and I read in an article about Marky Mark that he has a third nipple. I can't help wondering, I wonder where the hell it is. Do they put makeup on it if he has to take his shirt off for a scene? They're remaking Charade (the Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn flick) with Marky Mark and Thandie Newton in the lead roles. I'm not sure how I feel about that. No, I am. Mark is entertaining, but Cary Grant? I don't think so.
6 days until RAMROD. Alright, I tried avoiding the subject, but when Mount Rainier stands in the road before you, how do you ignore it? Gotta put in my 100 miles tomorrow. Almost as unpleasant as that is the thought of getting up at 6 in the morning on a Saturday. Gotta just hang on for one more week, and then reclaim my social life.