A dream

While it's fresh in my mind, a recap of a dream I just had:
I'm wandering around these gothic towns. Everything silent. Not sure why. Examining these rooms. For a reason. Not sure what. But some reason related to art.
Then, Howie and Mark have sent me a blind date to some event. Not sure what. No, maybe I am in SF? Anyway, I meet her. Quiet, somewhat pretty Asian girl. I shake her hand and start showing her around this mansion Mark lives in. Point out all the fancy appliances in the kitchen (hey, sort of like Sang's kitchen!). Then the huge living room with vaulted ceiling (like home in Naperville). The yard out back. The giant swimming pool. Room with a chess (Chinese chess? Go?) board. Then basement, which is not finished, just a storage room (again, this is my experience from the past). Howie wants me to wear this strange type of suit with a short with no buttons or collar. Then I ask Mark to borrow the phone b/c I'm going to call my mom, who I've forgotten to call for several days while I've been away from home.
Then I'm in a high school, wandering around a gym area, around the halls. Then a teacher approaches me, asks me what I'm doing here. I'm about to enroll, I'm just checking out the facilities. But, she says, what year are you. I admit I've got a few year's of college under my belt. I say two. Wait, as we walk towards an escalator (??), a huge escalator, and ride down from this gym locker area, I realize I've finished college. Maybe I can teach. She says great, that would take a huge burden off of her so that she could work more with crafts.
Now we're at the bottom of this huge long escalator (am I riding down from the sky? It's like a mall, Pacific Place, with shops off to the right. Now I'm at the bottom, and Joannie and maybe Karen and maybe an uncle are there in a room. They're in this room, and I see these crazy creatures inside. They're robotic pets, small dinosaurs, but they're crazy. I know this about these types of pets, they attack people and chew up clothes, slobber, jump all over you. They're miniature and insane. The teacher opens the door to this room they're in and all the animals run out. The dog is at my leg immediately, slobbering all over me. I'm holding something, and one of the dinosaur robots starts eating it and runs off with the item halfway down its throat. Some lady at a desk fends one of these creatures off. Ugh, I hate these things. Why don't people get ride of them.
Joannie and them were watching a movie. They've just finished watching it. Joannie says it was very good, they just watched Alibi /ah luh bee/. I say, "It's Alibi /a leh by/." No, she says, the theme song was Alibi /ah luh bee/ . I'm thinking of that movie, Her Alibi? Starring that model, what was her name, I'm sounding it out, and Joannie says something like Corretja, some Spanish model? No, I'm thinking Stephanie... (after waking up just now, I realize I knew her face, and it's Paulina Porizkova). Hmm, but maybe it was some other movie. Alibi. Sounds like a murder mystery?
I wake up, realize I've been exhausted ever since my trip to Spain. I fell asleep again this morn after my alarm went off. Rush to computer to jot down this vivid dream, which I know will be gone from my mind shortly. Not an easy to understand dream.