Back in the saddle

First day back at work today. Around 1100 e-mail messages. Took me most the day just to get through it all. Whew!
Woke up at like 4:30 in the morning after passing out cold the night before. Haven't been that tired in a long time. Went for a 26 mile bike ride before heading into work. Damn, I am slow now. Felt so heavy. Very frustrating. RAMROD is a month away, and I am not close to ready. But the vacation was necessary, and I will just have to ride my ass off this month. Tim wants to meet at 6am on the bridge tomorrow for a ride. That guy's an animal on two wheels! He may be the type of gung-ho bike marine I need to beat me into shape.
It's tough to get motivated for riding this year. Fewer folks to ride with as most folks I rode with last year aren't doing the biking thing again. Lonely and boring to go on long rides alone. Todd and Rachael have dropped out of RAMROD this year, so I think it's down to Jessie, Tim, and myself. I'm not even sure I can keep up with those two, so July 26 might be a long day of hanging out with myself.
Traveling alone in Madrid after splitting off from Toni and Erin and John, I was reminded of Hannibal Lecter, living alone in Italy. Goody goody.
Back on the subject of aesthetic sensibilities, I'm going to change the art hanging up in my room. Bought a few prints out in Spain, and an original painting. Also just got most of my framed German Crouching Tiger posters back and they look great in their frames. My whole room is going to undergo some simplification, just like my life.
So many phone calls today from folks. Derek might swing through Seattle early August. I have to decide if I'm going to make Peter's wedding in Prague. Really would like to go, but Derek's visit would overlap. I don't have that Prague ticket yet, and it will be pricey. But would love to see Peter get married, and have wanted to see Prague for many years.
So much more to write, but I gotta get up early to ride with Tim. Can't lose discipline just one day back from vacation.