The Pugilist at Rest

I'm off to Spain. Well, actually, first to Vancouver, then to Portugal, and then to Spain. But it's like saying you're from Chicago when you're actually from Naperville. Broad brushstrokes we're painting here.
Up all night packing and finishing up stuff for work. Vacations are always like this for me. Up all night, half coherent by the time I'm in the air, and somewhat nervous that I've forgotten to bring something important--underwear, passport, plane ticket. Frantic phone calls from well-wishers that you field while folding laundry in the other hand. Wishing you had left more time to call other people.
It's a true getaway. I really need one, and now that it's here, I feel so relieved. My hope is to come back stronger, more in control, and ready to go. But also, more relaxed, more at peace. The pugilist at rest.
If I find a computer over there, I'll try and post some updates here. But if not, I'll try and snap lots of photos and post both those and my shots from Africa when I return. And I'll have time to do so, because I'll have achieved that work/life balance again.
Ironically, I ordered some Spanish software from Amazon and it just arrived today. A lot of good it will do me sitting on my desk these next two weeks.
See you soon, folks.