Crisis of faith

Currently going through some soul searching. Haven't felt like writing in my blog. I think I really need to get to Spain. I'm totally out of focus.
A few random thoughts.
Watch Wong Kar Wai's BMW Film Follow just to hear the rendition of "Unicornio" he uses on the soundtrack. Lovely. Not sure if you can buy that version, but the original is pretty good.
William Klein's photos of New York are great.
Supreme Court ruled that Casey Martin could ride a golf cart on the PGA Tour. The sad thing isn't that he won the decision. The sad thing is that the Supreme Court had to rule on that on the first place. The PGA Tour should've given Casey Martin an exemption long ago. Then it wouldn't have gone to court, and the PGA wouldn't look so inhumane. I play golf. Letting a guy with a handicap like Martin use a cart is not a big deal. If a pro golfer can't walk the course when he doesn't even have to carry his own bag and still compete with Martin, who can barely practice b/c of his handicap, under those types of conditions, shame on him.
I've been thinking...