360 stale fish

Spent the weekend at Whistler with Betina, Joe, Christina, Pete, Margo, and a whole crew of German Amazonians. The weather was pretty nice, and I decided to try and do a few more jumps in the terrain park in the spirit of pushing myself to improve at risk to life and limb. I flailed through the half pipe and landed in a heap off several big ramps, but I managed to catch big air once while Pete and Bettina (there were two Betina's in the house, one with two T's) were watching. That makes my bruised rear end more tolerable now. I also cracked my cell phone when I smacked my chest into the icy bottom of the half pipe. It still works, fortunately.
I also lost a heated Scrabble match to Pete. It was fun to play. I haven't played since I was still living at home and in high school. Unfortunately, I didn't draw any of the power letters (Z, Q, X, or the blanks) so I couldn't get any big points. I want a rematch, Pete!
Review of the two hour season premiere of The Sopranos: the first hour was well choreographed, with a groovy mix of The Police's Every Breath You Take and that spy music ditty whose name eludes me, but the episode lacked emotional power. The second hour was a bit clumsy in timing and dialogue (they used computers to digitally splice in Livia (Nancy Marchand) but it looked fake and was completely unnecessary) but captured the awkward nature of funerals perfectly.
Tivo listened. I just saw a Tivo ad that showed customers talking about how easy to use and amazing the device is. Still, it's hard to communicate what that device is about in a 20 second spot. They need 30 minute infomercials.