It will take more than that to knock off this Bay Area earthquake veteran. Just a tickle. But still, I'd rather not have to deal with any more of these in the near future. It's bad for property value.
I was in a meeting with Rob, Kristian, and Katie, and the building started shaking, and then it started really shaking, and we were under the table. After it stopped, everyone headed for the stairwell and the exits. Eventually they let us back in just to get our things and head home. In my office, the bookshelf and file cabinet had fallen over, and papers and things were scattered everywhere. My computer was still logged in though, and somehow Susannah had already sent me a message asking if I was okay. She sent that at 10:58AM, which is about when the earthquake occurred. She must have ESP.
I drove some Pike folks back to the office, and traffic was a nightmare so it took me a long time to get home.
Power was out at home, but no real damage. For a brief moment, I had visions of my bookshelf on top of my coffee table, books and glass everywhere, my home theater giving off smoke. The statue I bought in Africa, the one of the man holding his arms in the air in triumph, was still standing.
All day, I've gotten so many phone calls. News travels fast. I think the pictures they've been showing all around the
country, like the one of the car crushed by bricks outside Fenix Underground, exagerrate the severity of the situation.
Most of the city is intact. The damage is primarily cosmetic, and mostly confined to internal property damage. Costly,
but few injuries. WTO, Mardi Gras, and now the earthquake. Seattle's going to get a bad rep.
Family called, old friends, folks I haven't heard from in years. Turned out to be a good way to get back in touch with folks.
Our website's still running. Thankfully.
I ended up going for a bike ride around Mercer as the weather was so nice. Must have touched 60 today. Mother Nature giving off heat after her late morning workout. I rode pretty hard today, my heart was up at 150+ the whole time.
6.8 on the Richter scale. Big, but not earth-shattering. What if an earthquake did destroy civilization? Planet of the Apes.