Rode 48 miles today, swinging

Rode 48 miles today, swinging around the upper half of Lake Washington with Todd and Jesse. Still feel heavy going up hills, and my calves cramped up at the end of the ride. Still, feels good to experience pain and soreness in my legs. It's the kind of soreness that only a long ride can generate.
Stanford finished its season with a win over Arizona State and should get the #1 seed in the West region. If ever they were to win the national championship, this is the year to do it. It's hard to imagine them being any better or more balanced than they are this year.
Watched Pollock and Finding Forrester and felt creative. So I wrote for a while. Neither was a great film, but in their own ways, they got it right about the creative process.
After the charlatans, the clowns, the whores, and the weak, who is left? Bring me your brave.