The Sopranos is showing in widescreen on HBO this year. Hallelujah! Your next TV should be widescreen, trust me on this.
In today's episode of The Sopranos, Christopher becomes a made man. During the ceremony, he spots a crow on the basement window ledge. Soon thereafter, he realizes the responsibilities of being a made man can be heavy. I've been spotting crows everywhere recently. Watching the show, I felt strangely sympathetic to Christopher. Like my life is about to become a whole lot more complicated. Tony reads an oath to Christopher, telling him that the family of the mob takes precedence over his own family, his wife, kids, mother,'s like working for a startup!
The mob may be entertainment's most flexible metaphor for organizations.
I realized that my life is devoid of any meaningful rituals. Some families sit down for dinner. Some people go to church. I think I need to return to morning writing, or something.
In the Company of Men is on. Aaron Eckhart's character in that film is so evil...what a great film. I'm surprised at how many people dismiss that film and Seven, because of their storylines. I'm far more offended by bad films which rob me of $7.50 and two hours of my free time.
Stanford got a 1 seed in the West. You know, we still can't get any respect. I've read a few predictions already, and everyone's picking Maryland to come out of the West. They'll just have to out and prove themselves.
In the NYT magazine today, The Ethicist Randy Cohen revised a past reply of his and said it was okay to take your own food into movie theaters. I'm not vindicated for all those years of smuggling candy in sandwich bags into movie theaters! Mom, you were right--it's okay!
About a month ago, I had no idea what Cubism was, and now I'm running into it everywhere. If you're curious, ask me, and I'll share in my newfound knowledge. I don't think they taught that in my college art history class.