Did two laps around Mercer on my bike Saturday and it nearly killed me, I was so slow. Last year I was doing reverse splits on laps around Mercer, but Saturday I did 36 and 40, which bugged me all weekend. That's so slow it's pathetic. I guess I need to be more patient, since I haven't ridden much this winter, but I think I'm just impatient by nature. These two guys passed me on their bikes, with their aero bars and triathlon framesets and wheelsets, and I couldn't keep up. Bugger.
Friday ended on a lousy note during our business trip to L.A., so I was already irked on the flight back. Then Stanford lost to UCLA, and Carolina moved above them into #1. Anyone but the Tar Heels. Jason will be blabbering about them to no end. Oh dear.
Macho Camacho's in town, looking for a place to stay. We went out and caught Shadow of the Vampire on Sunday. Amusing take on the filmmaking process, and once or twice during the film, especially when the vampire is looking into the film projector lens, I thought the film almost achieved a certain transcendence.
Duke Ellington: In a Sentimental Mood. Good stuff.
The prettiest thing I've seen recently. Oh!
Forgot silver, gold, platinum. Titanium is the metal of choice for gadget-freak jewelry.
Sunday I saw Chunyang, the first Korean film I've ever seen. Somehow I duped Laura into going to see it with me. I enjoyed it, though I don't think I could sit through an actual ponsori, which is the Korean musical form on which the film is based. Like a fable, or a long bedtime story with Confucian overtones. Vivid colors, like Ran.
Song in my head: Yumeji's Theme from Wong Kar Wai's latest film, In the Mood for Love. Beautiful cinematography. Great soundtrack. Mood is the perfect word to describe the film.
Everyone is commenting on how Asian cinema is hot, especially with how well Crouching Tiger is doing. They obviously don't have to view the usual dreck coming out of Hong Kong all year. Only the good stuff makes it stateside. But still, American
film is pretty stale right now. Iranian and Asian filmmakers are bringing some fresh storytelling to cinema. Thankfully.
Dan and I watched K2 tonight. I felt like rock climbing after watching that. Maybe I will have to join Toni at the climbing gym this month. I think I'm designed to operate in a high gear. I'm moody when I don't have a million things to do. I work best when I'm figuring out what not to do than when I have to figure out what to do.
A friend is one who is one beyond the point of personal cost. I heard that somewhere recently. But phrased more eloquently.
Rach and I are going to try to grab last minute cancellations for the Russian concert at Benaroya tomorrow. I heard Spivakov conduct the Russian national orchestra once, in New York. Spivakov played the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. Then, for the encore, he played this beautiful ballad, and I've never figured out what that piece was. I've been haunted by it for two years now. What was it?