Cold Day in Kinko's

There comes a time in every person's life when they must decide. Stay up all night so you don't risk oversleeping, or go to bed and set your alarm clock on high volume buzzer. I am there now. I think I may have to keep myself up through the night.
Sitting in a Seattle Kinko's, waiting for the world's slowest color laser printer to spit out 100 or so printouts of various design mockups for meetings in L.A. tomorrow. Kinko's late at night is the haven for bitter procrastinanors (primarily students) and business people under the gun (e.g. me).
It doesn't help that the employees here are incompetent. It took them about half an hour just to figure out the post-midnight password to log me on to a workstation. The guy helping me out made up all this mumbo jumbo about having to copy my files into a new folder and then converting them into PDFs because that's the only way they could get good color separation blah blah blah blah. Finally I realized he had no idea what he was talking about so I banished him to his little world behind the counter.
Did have to suffer through some printing problems. IE and Netscape Navigator don't print web pages the same, so I keep having to switching back and forth everytime a printout comes out badly. They also don't display web pages the same, which is no surprise to any web developer, but right now it doesn't make me feel any better.
Have to catch a flight in 4 hours, and I still have to go home and pack, eat dinner, and iron a dress shirt. I need an Alfred, like Batman.
Some company came out with a DVD that simulates watching a movie at the Drive-In. The soundtrack imitates the poor sound quality of drive-in speakers, and in the background you can hear doors shutting, young lovers giggling, crickets chirping. What a stupid idea. It would be like watching one of those Asian bootleg movies, where the bootlegger walks
into a theater with a camcorder and films the screen. People in the U.S. don't need to resort to bootleg copies to see films on a first run, so why would they pay extra for a drive-in theater simulation?
Yesterday night, had an Amazon hoops game. We field a team for a corporate league. We beat up on a team from RealNetworks. That was the only exercise I'd gotten since the Whistler trip last weekend, and it felt good to run around. We opened the game with a 14-0 run and never looked back. So now we're 3-3 after opening the season 1-3. Winning is so much more wonderful than losing. Character be damned.
C'mon silly printer! I can't think of anything to write!
Jason's happy. North Carolina nipped Duke at Cameron today. Stanford pulled out a close one at Maples against USC. If NC plays Stanford, Jason and I probably won't talk for the whole week leading up to the game.
Alan called again. After bouncing around a whole slew of family vacation options, I think we're back to Las Vegas the weekend after my sisters graduate. I will get my fill of the strip this year.
Alright, that's it. I'm going to stay up all night. Ah, this will be like my college days, calling up Howie to brew me a cafeteria mug full of Vanilla bean coffee laced with two heaping spoons of white sugar, alternating between engineering problem sets and that short story, both due in the morning, listening to Bob Dylan cranked up on my headphones.
Working in a video rental store produced Quentin Tarantino. I wonder what type of artistic geniuses Kinko's inspires.
The world's greatest copier. Can use all advanced functions on all models of copiers. You want two-sided, collated,
perfectly stapled copies? You've got it.
Printer's done. Finally!