Struck today by a strong desire to move to New York and be a starving artist. Actually, given the cost of living in New York, I'd be starving regardless of what I did.
James is moving there in August though, so I'll have a place to stay.
Chatted with Howie for a while today. If he gets into business school, I'm going to try and convince him to take the summer off and head to South America with me.
I can't shoot a basketball anymore. It's ridiculous.
I chatted with Howie a while ago, and he told me he was shopping for a car. I asked him what kind he was going to buy, and he knew only one thing: it wouldn't be an Accord. He has driven an Accord all his life, since he learned to drive. Even girls he's dated have driven Accords.
Today, he told me he bought a car. Yep, he bought an Accord.
Read this in the NYT book review:
The universe as information. Fascinating idea. Idea is that science continually evolves paradigms for the universe based on the dominant machines of its era. First idea was universe as a clock, with Newtonian physics at its center. Force and energy were the key concepts, and both were conserved. Then came the steam engine, and thermodynamics. Energy is conserved, but entropy increases over time. Finally, we have the computer, and the idea of the universe as composed of information. The book, which sounds completely fascinating, is titled The Bit and the Pendulum, a reference to Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum.