Day two of the header drought

People act surprised to discover that online advertising banners don't work. Duh. That was the crudest attempt at using the Internet for marketing. The next wave will be much more interesting, even more so than Napster.
My blood was racing today. I've been biting heads off all day. I need someone to talk me down. I can literally hear the blood rushing through my veins. I'm aggravated, frustrated, perturbed, amplified. It's a warning sign. I need a vacation. I can't redline like this.
I'm going to ride the Chilly Hilly bike ride Sunday. In my shape, something may burst.
Looks like you can buy playstation 2's at the playstation site. At least for
a short while. Should I order one? I think I'd be disappointed.
DVD-audio will disappoint everyone and take forever to penetrate the market.
Slow burn. Sloooooooooow burn. Why can't I just accept things the way they are?