Magazine lint I receive way

Magazine lint

I receive way too many magazines. I can't help it. I love just flipping through magazines. Everyday I come home and I have a new magazine. Next to the pile of hardcovers on my bed is a pile of magazines about 4 feet high by my bed. I can't bring myself to throw them away, but honestly I will never read half of them. Some I subscribe to, others are just sent to me because of my job. I think I would have to read one magazine a day to keep up with the current flow. If I really had to cut down, though, I think I would just keep:
The New Yorker
Sunday New York Times
Entertainment Weekly
I am dying to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but it's one of those films that's only currently open in limited release, in LA and NY. I could actually fly down to LA to watch it this weekend. As I write this, I am sorely tempted. I really need to get away from Seattle right now. This in between weather, when there's not quite enough snow on the mountains to hit the slopes, but enough precipitation to make life outdoors miserable, it's the valley of death. I wasn't planning on leaving Seattle this holiday season, but that may be a big mistake. Enough time without travel and my soul starts to dry from the inside out.
But I also think I want to run away from certain things in Seattle right now, and that can't be healthy. I need either more patience, or a calmer spirit, or some crazy athletic endeavor to sap all my energy. Maybe one of these days I'll hop in my car one day and just drive down the coast, to San Francisco, and just sleep in my car along the way.