E-mail I just realized that


I just realized that I now process over 230 e-mails a day at work. For much of the day, I am a router. I wonder what model number Cisco would put on me. I wonder if this is healthy.
The DC shifts are wearing me down, so I'm having very strange dreams. I had a whole year's worth of odd dreams last night. During one, I was playing someone one on one in this strange game. We were in a real-life maze, and we were trying to avoid each other and steal things from each other's home base. We had all sorts of strange powers we could call on, like temporary invisibility, and the ability to teleport to the exact opposite coordinates in the maze. The other half of the dream, I was back at Stanford in the Bay Area, driving around with Mark and Howie on campus. I was wandering all around campus, and it looked like a lot of older classes were having reunion celebrations. I can't remember the other part of my dream, but I remember I was on the run from something. Maybe the wind storm in Seattle last night disturbed my sleep.