Pricing anomalies

There are many positives to living in San Francisco, but parking is not one of them. It's the hardest city to find parking in that I've ever lived in. Someone wrote an entire book on the subject.

I went to Amazon to buy a copy of said book. Amazon didn't have a copy, so I checked the 3rd party seller tab for a new copy. The first seller offered it for $9.97 a copy, but the other two sellers wanted $75 and $92.20 plus shipping! This for a book that's sold off of its website for $12.95 plus shipping.

Sellers are always looking for out of print situations to try to shift the price of media up. I once sold a copy of the Criterion Collection DVD of Salo, which was out of print at the time, for $220 on Someone should start a Tumblr of products which have gone into short supply and thus have exorbitant prices from Amazon's 3rd party seller community.