My archives

This section collects all my previous blog posts from my blog Remains of the Day from the years 2001 through 2011, when I was writing regularly. Most of these are left over from the blog I started on Blogger and then shifted to Movable Type.

In porting them over to Squarespace here, a lot of the formatting is off, and I have not had time to go back in and clean things up. My hosting subscription on another service crept up on me, and I had to rush to move everything over, so apologies to those of you who came here and saw random drafts of half-written, half-edited posts still hanging out like so much unfolded laundry strewn across the sofa. I need to tidy them up, then figure out how to add search to my site.

Going back through my old posts is  often embarrassing, like hearing a recording of my own voice or seeing a photo of how I used to dress or comb my hair. But mostly it's like reading letters from past versions of myself. It amuses me. I leave them here in the hopes they do the same for you.