Sports Guy, we love you

Eric (our CTO) and I are both card carrying members of Sports Guy Nation. So it's extra special whenever he posts any reference or link to Hulu.

He tweeted about an episode of Miami Vice on Hulu:

Go to the 42-minute mark of this Miami Vice clip: ... Has there ever been a better use of a song in TV history?

With over 100K followers on Twitter, he has some influence, and so that ep of Miami Vice is creeping up our Most Popular Videos list, up to page 4 at last check, which is pretty strong for a random library episode of a show that isn't new to the service.

Here's a direct link to just the music reference he mentions:

This song was used later to end another TV episode to great effect, the "Two Cathedrals" episode of The West Wing. That was actually the season finale of the second season of the show. It's one of my favorite West Wing episodes.

Here is a reciprocal link for Bill Simmons: his new book on the NBA comes out this fall.